Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hello Again

Here we go again, I swear I'm going to keep up with this blog this time. I promise! So what has happened since I last updated, you ask? Hmm let's see. We had a very nice christmas, new year, valentines day, and st. patty's day. My mom came to visit. My dad came to visit. We had some fun trips to universal. We bought a new entertainment center. We took some amazing family pictures. Oh yeah, we welcomed our new BABY BOY to the world!

Introducing our sweet little nugget, GARRET, born April 24, 2012 at 2:31AM :)

He is the sweetest, most amazing, cuddly, loving, absolutly unreal blessing EVER. I NEVER thought I could love a person so much, especially one I just met. I kept saying after he was born that I felt like I have known him for ever.

I promise there will be more updating to come! It will just have to wait. I want to post Garret's birth story, a little about our time at home, not to mention all the other events since Thanksgiving last year, but right now I'm busy and tired. We had a long day at the beach, Garret's second visit to the beach.

 Currently, I have one baby down and one to go...

Truly loving life right now. Night Night!

Friday, January 20, 2012

South Carolina Trip

#1- I suck at blogging!
#2- Oh well! Be prepared to be updated on EVERYTHING :)

We had a great time in South Carolina with our neices and Chris' family. Heres some pics.

The first day we ventured out to the mountains to take in the scenery. It was truly beautiful up there. The clean fresh air was wonderful.

The next day we spent some time at the Childrens Museum.

Then we headed to Greenville's very own central park.

Then we had some kid time at Monkey Joes and some adult time out at a nice resturant called the Casbah.
We had a great time and cant wait to see everyone again!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

There is so much to be thankful for right now.Today I am most thankful for my FAMILY! My sweet, giving, hunny, love of my life. Our little brilliant Dominic who keeps us on our toes! And of course my mamasita who is my ROCK! They keep me going along with all of our other friends and family. Love you, love you, love you! So thankful for you all!

Speaking of family, we are visiting my brother-in-law and his family here...

Have safe travels and a Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Here We Go!

Welcome to our family blog! I designed this blog so our friends and family, near and far, can keep up to date with whats happening in our life (family trips, work, Dominic, my pregnancy, the baby, everyday life, etc!) I have been working on the blog for a few weeks now, and have been meaning to get around to posting but life got in the way. I have been taking loads of pictures in preparation to share with you all, so be prepared for a few loaded posts in the beginning. Along with all the normal fun stuff our family does that i'll be sharing, I plan to update belly pics every week, doctor visits, sonograms and all things BABY as well. ENJOY!